How To Master Working ON Your Business
vs. IN Your Business
Based on EMyth Revisited
aka Game of Thrones, Dynasty, Sopranos
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The top 3 causes of Business Owner burnout include long hours, family strife and organizational chart mismanagement. A dose of preventive medicine could go a long way.

With the Transition Digital Video Course, you'll establish a course of treatment and never leave the success milestones of your business to chance ever again.   Because when the right prescription works, we ensure you are at your best, every single day. David Werdiger is a master mediator who has succeeded in growing and selling multiple businesses.
David Werdiger Master Your Business
How Can This Take You From Stress To Success?

Course Results
David Werdiger helped this CEO learn (a) how to govern but stay operationally in touch, (b) increase profitability, (c) make staff more accountable for high level decisions.
Course Principles
Utilizing the principles in this course DW is taking this attorney father on the journey of establishing proper governance, giving his kids a voice and a degree of autonomy.
Before He Retires
Construction magnate wants to prepare to retire but the kids do not want to carry on the business. Preparing this business for expansion is a strategic move to create a sale-ready asset that can be a win for all.
What Are You Waiting For?
This is the best business prescription in a single course in under 80-minutes you can buy. David Werdger is a master at cutting to the chase and crafting a plan that satisfies from core to profit plus everything inbetween. Master your life today!
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